8.1KWH On-Grid Solution (SOLAX)


Having a solar power unit at your home will give you peace of mind and guilt free power consumption during this pandemic time.
In SSPE, all our engineers and project team are licensed and certified solar Installers and project management certified.
Our Quotation is based on real-time simulation based on the client location.

Product Description:

-18 PCS Canadian Solar 450W MONO
-8.0KWH SOLAX Inverter
-NFI Meter
-Mounting Kit
-AC/DC Circuit Breaker
-Surge Protector Devices
-Cable Trays
-MCB box

1. Delivery upon receipts of valid purchase order and down payment; On stock and local martials (1 to 7 Days).; Non- Stocks will take (60 Days) and need follow to further confirmation of stock availability.
2. Payment is cash basis to Southern Solar Power Enterprise Account Name (BPI): John Alfred Mendoza – (McKinley Branch Taguig) or via Pay-Mongo with 3.5% Card Service Charge.
a. Supplies / Equipment: 50% Down Payment upon signing the contract and 50% Upon Installation completion.
3. All Invoices to customers should be settled within fifteen (15) Days from date of Issue. Otherwise, Interest of 10% per Month will be charged for late and overdue payments.
4. Validity of this quote is (15) days from date of proposal. Prices are subject to change without further notice.
5. Condition of ownership over the equipment and materials shall remain with Southern Solar Team until the full payment is committed.
6. Cancellation of purchase order will cause for a penalty of 50% overall project cost or 100% Material cost that will serve as damage fee.
7. If the client fails to provide supporting documents for net metering within 90 days Service level agreement net-metering assistance fee will be forfeited.
8. Grand total is VAT Exclusive.
9. REC Net Metering is out of scope of the labor work and project activity.

Available on backorder



– Insurance for 1 Year (acts of god)
– Equipment/Product Warranty up to 12 Years
– Equipment Performance warranty for Panels are 20 years
– 6 Months Post Installation Warrant
– Net Metering Process (end to end)

Package Exclusion:
– All items that is not included on the initial Quotation

Outside Scope:
• Other additional materials needed for MERALCO net-metering.
• Other additional cost that is required for the meter name transfer.
• Other out of pocket expenses and logistics and transportation/lodging
• Imbedded installation of PVC pipe to ground use for solar power system and give the scope to electrical contractor of the house.