10KWP Risen + Solax Grid Tie Package

480,137.00 Additional 3.5% Card Fee's

Having a solar power unit at your home will give you peace of mind and guilt free power consumption during this pandemic time.
In SSPE, all our engineers and project team are licensed and certified solar Installers and project management certified.
Our Quotation is based on real-time simulation based on the client location.

Product Description:

-2PCS 5.0KWP Solax Inverter
-NFI Meter
-Mounting Kit
-AC/DC Circuit Breaker
-Surge Protector Devices
-Cable Trays
-MCB box

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We also have a commission program fee’s of PHP 5,000 for every successful clients that was referred to us.

*For Credit Card Transaction, the package price will have an additional fee of 3.5% straight payment from your respective banks.



– Insurance for 1 Year (acts of god)
– Solar Panel Product Warranty up to 12 Years
– Inverter Product Warranty up to 5 years
– 60 days Post Installation Warranty
– Net-Metering Application
– Service Entrance Remodelling

*Package price is subject to change and depends on the site survey result


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