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About the Team
Southern Solar Power Enterprise (SSPE) formerly know as Southern Solar Services, was established last 2019 of November that starts with a simple idea to provide solar system installation services that will meet the growing demand of alternative renewable energy market in the Philippines.
On the same month, Mr. John Alfred Mendoza and Mr. Michael “Mike” De Mesa Jr. Started having a very simple conversation regarding the current trending in alternative renewable energy solution and by accident, the idea of putting up an organization and service group was founded. On 2020 of January pre-NCOV19 crisis, Southern Solar Power Enterprise (SSPE) was established and as per mandated by Philippine Law under Securities and Exchange Commission, Southern Solar Power Enterprise will be The registered Company Name Under the One Person Corporate (OPC) which named to the Current CEO of SSPE Mrs. Christel Imarrie Mendoza, Wife of Mr. John Alfred Mendoza.
Southern Solar Power Enterprise (SSPE) Office is currently located in Tunasan Muntinlupa, Philippines and offers end to end solar solutions (Grid tie, Off Grid, Hybrid) to its client and customers. SSPE cater to Small Residential accounts, Small enterprises Businesses, Agricultural Accounts, Industrial Accounts and Community based accounts. Southern Solar Power Enterprise (SSPE) has more 5+ Certified and Licensed Team Members and Contractors. Southern Solar Power Enterprise - SSE is currently processing its public documents and permits to service you soon.
Company Mission
  • To be one of  the Effective, Cheapest but Quality  Service and Production to its Partners and customers
  • To be  one of the Reliable alternative  renewable solar solution provider to its partners and customers.
  • To provide better customer satisfaction  to its services and support.
  • To provide Automated support process to its existing customers and clients. 
Company Vision
  • To be Leader in Alternative Renewable Energy Provider in the Philippines and Overseas. 
  • To be on of the Standards in providing solar energy to its clients and partners.
  • To have a Interrupted support and 24/7 support to its partner and clients.
  • To have an Automated process in making transaction more easier and productive.
  • To be One Stop Shop Provider to its customer and partners.
How Solar Panel System Works?

Other services we offer

Solar Panel
We provide the best quality Solar Panels with long lasting warranty and manufacturer support. 
Solar Lights
We provide the leading technology for solar street lights, Flood Lights and  UFO solar lights. 
Solar Packages
We offer customization of Hybrid, Off Grid and On Grid Solar Systems requirements based on the clients needs. 
Canadian On Grid Packages


We can make it happen. We offer free consultations, estimates to achieve your personal or business goals to ad[apt solar solution to organization, community, business and home use.


0723 Fort Santiago Street, Parkhomes Subdivision, Tunasan Muntinlupa, Philippines


Mob: +63 (917) 327-8286 Mob: +63 (922) 818-0784 Em: askus@southernsolar.com.ph

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