What is the right size or wattage I need?

Take note of the appliances that will be operating when sunlight is available. This will determine the amount of energy that you’ll need and the right installation size for your household. This ensures you spend the right amount on your installation, as well as keep your appliance and equipment running smoothly and safely.

What if I did not apply for net metering and I don’t have the right meter installed?

If you do not have the right meter installed, Meralco will read the excess power produced by your solar panels as additional consumption. This means you will be billed for both the power that Meralco supplied your home as well as the surplus power your solar panels provided.

What is best location for my solar panels?

Before you make your investment, check the roof, inspect the structure and position where your panels will be installed. Consider factors such as panel direction, panel angles, and inverter options – all of which affect the output and the efficiency of the solar PV system.

What happens if your solar installation is not registered with Grid Provider (MERALCO)?

Installing and operating a Renewable Energy facility without registering with Meralco exposes you and other customers to several risks and safety hazards. Meralco shall not be responsible or liable for any damages and losses that may result from the unauthorized operation of your installation, in violation of relevant laws, rules and regulations.